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Daily Grinds,Just For Fun

We were some of the first to encourage people to get in line with Rollerblade. And the lines formed fast. In the 80’s, roller-skating was already out of date and skateboarding was on its way. Rollerblade was the perfect mash-up of both and hit a sweet spot in time for inventing something new. We helped get the nation up to speed on the neon-hot sport through naming, brand positioning, packaging, training videos, TV commercials and aggressive skating promotion. Rollerblade quickly gained some major traction and we set records working with them for 15 years.


Rollerblade packaging design

In retail, skates and shoes were traditionally kept in a crowded back room within plain boxes. Customers rarely saw them or interacted with them pre-purchase. We brainstormed, strategized, and collaborated to help create a box that would double as a billboard. Packaging was designed so retailers would want to show them off on the showroom floor. The goal was to grab the attention of shoppers and spin some word-of-mouth. Sure enough, that’s what happened. It changed the game in the industry because it wasn’t just about the product itself anymore. Suddenly, packaging had a lot to say—even sometimes shout—about the contents inside.
-Packaging photography by Jill Greer

Rollerblade packaging design
Rollerblade skate

Visual Storytelling

The category of Rollerblade didn’t exist, so it was a challenge to get the get the awareness rolling. We needed videos to communicate to a mass audience all at once. And we needed them to be real. Real skaters, really skating, in real places. As soon as we packed our bags, we were off like shoulder pads (once people realized how hideous they were).

In some of the most popular trend-setting beaches, such as Venice, South Miami and even Bondi beach in Australia, we shot professional skaters (some Olympian) in tight groups or flipping tricks. We created promo videos and TV commercials with the exciting shots and they practically went viral. They were shared hand to hand with internet-like speed.

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Rollerblade skate


For many years it was just the open road and polyurethane. As we worked with Rollerblade, we traveled around the world, designed a line of clothing named Blade Gear, shot TV specials, created b-roll for Good Morning America, held events at The Mall of America and promoted Rollerblade dance, stunt and race teams.

We also supported Camp Rollerblade and produced a comprehensive line of protective gear along with it. The idea was to give kids and parents activities do to together that themed around making sure noggins, knees and wrists were kept safe when cruising along.

Rollerblade in-store packaging display

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