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PL360 logo

A Freshly Groomed Brand

When something is 360°, nothing slips through the cracks. We understood that pet lovers don’t want to drop the ball when it comes to caring for their companions, so renaming PL360 was natural. ‘Pet lovers everywhere’ immediately embraced the new brand label.

After nailing down a name, we refreshed the brand in every expression and everywhere it lived. Based on customer research and market insights, we updated PL360 to better communicate their sustainable business practices and highlight their product qualities. The brand voice was approachable, whimsical and charming—like a puppy.

pl360 dog

Brand Development

While PL360 had some presence at mass merchants, its new packaging and POS communication was refocused to the local crowded pet store. The clean typography and refreshingly white packaging immediately caught customers’ attention as it quietly sat amidst the loud, vibrant colors of the competition.


old logo


logo exploration 1 logo exploration 2 logo exploration 3 logo exploration 4


new logo 1 new logo 2 new logo 3

logo development

logo development diagram

packaging label

example packaging label

scent icons

scent icons

Color & Type

Grooming The vibrant green is symbolic of the natural ingredients in our grooming products.

Home Symbol of cleanliness and strength. This blue is playful yet confident.

Health Orange is associated with healthy food, making this an ideal color for supplements.

Trade Gothic type example

Trade Gothic Bold type example

line of PL360 bottles


The use of complimentary pastel colors reinforced the positioning that PL360 was an entirely new approach to a familiar category. The packaging communicated that the products inside have their companion’s best interest in mind.

Packaging photography by Jill Greer
collection of PL360 bottles

Graphic Design

Design reflects the simple, natural and safe qualities of PL360 products. Pet owners were reassured with this strategic branding that they no longer have to stress over their messy—yet oh, so cuddly—pets.

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