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Calling Action For Action

When your phone rings from the office of the President of the United States, you answer the call. The White House was looking for a creative way to communicate the importance of having a healthcare plan to younger uninsured Americans. After we secured the meeting and pitched a strategy, D.C. gave us the go.

The big idea was to leverage the popularity of star athletes as they explain the link between having a plan and achieving success. Our full-service video production team traveled across the country recording insights from some of the best at their game, including football and basketball players, golfers, boxers, Olympians and dancers. The rules were no sports clichés and no preaching healthcare virtues as the athletes’ authenticity relied on their personal experiences. The campaign was anchored with an app, website and tweets from the professionals.

Logo Development



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Color & Type


A youthful color palette reflective of both athletics and health care.

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App Development

The GamePlan4Me app was designed to encourage even the most skeptical to become informed and actively seek a healthcare plan. We created interactive experiences through gamification that entertained and engaged as the nuances of healthcare coverage were weaved in. And with a single click, users could be connected to healthcare services in their area to get ahead of the game on preparing for their future.

GamePlan4Me app on a phone

Recruiting And Casting

Partnering with IMG Global Sports and Media, we went to work recruiting some of the most highly sought-after sports professionals, including Kobe Bryant, Bill Walton, Michelle Wie, Dikembe Mutombo, and Sanya Richards-Ross. It was important that we secured celebrities that could authentically support the necessity of having a game plan in life.

Video Storytelling

“No one has failed more than me”. -Bill Walton. When you take away the clichés, it’s sometimes hard to talk sports. In this case, it was just the opposite. Athletes were intrigued by our approach and went deeper and spent more time than we could have ever anticipated in answering questions. The outcome was a series of stories that detailed significant challenges, the virtues of having a game plan and the required diligence of determination.

See more of our video and video production work. 

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Customer Engagement

To engage, inspire and motivate young Americans to get healthcare coverage, we knew that any forced promotion or agenda pushing wasn’t the way to go. We created an engaging website to serve as GamePlan4Me’s arena of entertainment, vital contacts and relevant information. It was designed to inspire and encourage visitors to educate themselves about the value of planning for what they know and preparing for what they don’t.

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