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An Online Piggy Bank.

If you want to nag a kid about cleaning their room—you’ve got to be on the same webpage. We helped the modern allowance revamp an idea as old as the hills to become as entertaining as a rollercoaster.

When asked, parents across the country said they still share the wealth through a weekly allowance, but most rated the experience undesirable. Unfortunately, kids had the same opinion. Allowance time sucks. FamDoo created a platform that changed this by not only using technology kids love, but making the process painless for parents. It was designed to not just be a chore manager, but a behavior modifier to reward kids for anything from sweeping to sharing with siblings. We developed FamDoo’s identity with a name, logo and iconography, as well as created a marketing strategy to launch.

Famdoo website on imac

Web Development

Through a personalized user experience, families are brought together with an engaging website and app that are fun for kids and easy for parents. The website allowed families to collaborate on selecting weekly “chores” and assign reward values through a point system.

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App Development

The app maximized the impact of FamDoo by providing families a way to communicate while on the go. It facilitated instant communication between parent and child, enabling parents at home and those ‘out of town’ to connect. Via videos or photos, parents could validate that the chore or behavior was successfully accomplished and provide an instant reward. Kids could check their points through the app and redeem for prizes, convert them into cash within a savings account, or cash them in to a charity of their choice.

Visual Storytelling

As part of the marketing strategy, we created compelling videos to explain the program, helped stage events, and assisted on social media campaigns.

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