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Building a Talent Community

How do you gain a competitive edge in a world dominated by a giant? Hire 10,000 of the most competitive, talented people out there—if you can find them.

When Microsoft set out to compete with the number one search engine on the planet (hint, it rhymes with ‘noodle’), they took on a great challenge. Achieving their goal required hiring the best and brightest, but most already had jobs. The talent was there, but working for companies like LinkedIn, Apple, or Facebook. The big question was how to attract them to Microsoft.

Bing website screenshot: homepage social content

Employment Branding

Discovering why people want to work for Bing was essential. We conducted deep-dive video interviews with over 100 Microsoft employees to uncover why they accepted the job, as well as questioned those that didn’t take it. Based on non-intuitive findings, we uncovered ‘light bulb’ insights on why people wanted to work for Microsoft that even Microsoft didn’t know. Our employment branding strategy then identified the key messages that would attract the best Bing candidates.

Web Development

Along with our recruiting partner Jobs2Web, we built a talent community that connected with anyone, even those passively interested in Microsoft. We designed a highly engaging recruitment portal to inspire and motivate visitors to come on board. They could learn more about open positions, assess their match-ability and be digitally introduced to their potential team leaders.


Bing’s search page featured extraordinary photography, so it was natural that the recruitment portal would reflect that same brand persona. Augeo Digital photographer Jill Greer provided a series of original visuals that created a highly differentiated photography-driven experience that helped visitors better understand the brand.

Bing website screenshot: interactive content

Keeping Content Current

Content was programmed to stay current based on the day of the week so visitors are provided with fresh stories every time they visit.

Customer Engagement

The employment portal made extensive use of interactive elements, such as a digital magazine, polls and surveys, social media integration, benchmarking tools and a library of over 50 videos about different positions at Bing.

Bing website screenshot: job match quiz
Bing website screenshot: interactive content

Social Media Integrator

Rather than sending prospective candidates to a variety of social media sites, the portal aggregated over 60 feeds in one place to provide quick and easy access to conversations about working at Bing. Social included Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Microsoft forums.

Research-Based Content

The interviews provided the strategic thinking that led to creating sense of opportunity and urgency in working for Bing. This encouraged fence sitters to make a move and apply. The video and subsequent recruiting materials used the theme of ‘inflection point’ to additionally drive applicant interest.


Ranking, rating and candidate scoring provided a highly successful interactive tool that was attractive to the naturally competitive visitors. It showed prospective candidates that they were involved in something that many others were, too, providing group validation and reinforcing the actions we were trying to motivate. It also provided a valuable data collection vehicle for future Microsoft Bing recruiting.

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