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Babyganics logo

An Identity Growth Spurt

Two young enterprisers started Babyganics based on a dream of making natural, eco-friendly baby products safe for families. When they realized their brand wasn’t maturing fast enough, we partnered up to grow their popularity on the baby product playground.

We started by asking questions. Lot’s of them. We talked to their leadership and long-term consultants. We visited stores and spoke with category retail buyers. From our research, the idea that Babyganics helps parents raise ‘life-ready kids’ was born. The new brand messaging wasn’t just baby talk, but held meaning that resonated with parents. This concept led to a wide variety of promotional tools to generate awareness, build interest and leverage word-of-mouth. What began as a small, specialty retail product line has now grown to be a staple at the nation’s leading mass merchants.


We helped attract a large online following by communicating the brand’s empathy. Babyganics understands that being an imperfect parent is just being realistic. And that’s ok. The website created a community for parents to connect with each other based on common experiences and shared values. As a manufacturer, the site was information-oriented and did not offer e-commerce by choice. All stakeholders within the complex retail distribution network found value in the site because they could obtain information in an engaging and easy way.

Babyganics website on a tablet
Babyganics website on a tablet
Babyganics true life bedtime story app - first screenBabyganics true life bedtime story app - second screenBabyganics true life bedtime story app - second screenBabyganics true life bedtime story app - third screen


Interactive digital storybooks were created to highlight new products at trade shows and stand out among a sea of brochures. Stories weaved product information into an imaginative narrative that engaged the audience and tugged at a heartstring or two. The same approachable, playful and clean illustration was carried throughout the campaign.

Babyganics bubble bath poster


We reinforced the idea of ‘life-ready kids’ through print ads, where instead of just showing a cute baby photo (which was the norm in their category), we created a distinctive and memorable identity tied to values. Parents shared with Babyganics the common belief that we need to make the right choices to better prepare our children for the future and as a result, they fell in love with the products.

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